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About Us

Our mission is to remove the anxiety of change!

We coach companies to accelerate productivity and achieve satisfaction goals from the customer and their workforce with system implementations.   Yes, it is difficult to achieve both goals, but with the experience and leadership at TCC, we lead clients through process mapping, extensive behavioral change management, and training plans that propels personnel through uncomfortable changes—with confidence.

TCC uses empathy and experience to partner with companies as they migrate through these technical challenges.  One thing that separates us from the competition is that we deconstruct complex implementations into actionable, obtainable steps that focus on the overall strategic goals. We consistently adjust and socialize the delivery based on the feedback from the workforce. Also, we take your strategic goals and set TCC's internal goals with 10-15% higher ratings. It's our contribution to your success. 

People drive project success, and growth can sometimes be painful.  TCC aligns with all levels of the company. We take our ethical responsibility seriously to articulate the workforce's feelings, even if it does not align with leadership's perception.  

And when we finish a project, we confirm that your workforce is coached, knowledgeable, and ready to support ongoing sustainable change. 

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